Derek remanufactured parts for Eight s to assist owners to rebuild their cars. I have to say that the job for me is much easier because of nowadays Internet and E-mail systems, which were not available during the time Ian started to build the register. The parts were sold to the ACCC by Derek s wife, some time after Derek past away. In 1993 Ian published a book The Austin Eight austin dating.      Acknowledgements The Austin Eight 1993 The Acknowledgements below are taken from the book The Austin Eight by Ian Pinniger in 1993 austin dating. I spend six years of part-time labour getting the vehicle back into its present condition and it was back on the road in 1982. After I had obtained a copy of Ian s book: The Austin Eight I have searched for Ian and found him living in Jersey. The current owner is unknown to the register, but the car is still purring arround and is spotted on classic car events. I am certain that I could not have accomplished anything without the help and patience of Steward Hill, a computer expert. Now I am quite comfortable with the lap-top Steward recommended.   Ian Pinniger March 1993 Ian Pinniger with his Austin Eights he owned in the 1990 s The saloon was Ian s first Austin 8 bought in 1974, which was the start for the Austin Eight Register Derek Hammond Mr. He was offering his spares for example at the Beaulieu auto jumble. In the UK and Jersey we owe a depth of gratitude to John Buckley who has been so kind and helpful. A copy of this book is still available in the Austin Eight Register web store. And really it is all to you recorded in the register that I must thank for participating, allowing me for both record your cars and the fascinating history associated with each and every one.

It has given me considerable satisfaction seeing follow owners getting in contact with each other, exchanging parts and advice and being able to resolve their problems. This was the starting point for me to build the Austin Eight Register further. (I was a member) I thought there were only about 30 Austin Eights in existence. Derek Hammond and Ian Pinniger were close friends as well and Derek and Ian were the Austin Eight Register in the early days. Barry de la Mare who let me have some Austin articles. I hope the register will grow in future and hope I am able to assist all Eight owners with histrory about thier particular cars and hope Eight owners will share the details and history of thier cars. I must thank Tim Braby in Australia for his support and the loan of the Wasp photographs. From al I hear Derek was a very well respected person. As I write 210 records are maintained and I have build a world wide network of Austin Eight owners. After some contacts with him during a few months on a distance only, we seemed to have a click and Ian proposed me to take over The Austin Eight register together with his lovely 1939 Austin Eight Tourer. I am very gratefull to Ian who has given me the thrust in building further what he has started. Where:Austin 8 Register Austin Clip Art made for the Austin Eight Register by Guy from Belgium Click on the image for some more in Colour. They are in the same movie Valley Girl that will come out 2018 Kevin Steigelman She doesn’t know how to pick them; I think she just wants to get laid by guys. To start the register off I used a letter typed in the office. Tony has been very supportive, and has drawn Austin Eight Christmas cards for the Austin Eight Register several years, so many thanks to you Tony and your wife Jane.

Tito Cabral de Norohna, from Portugal, for the Photographs that I have used for the cover of the book.  Unfortunately Derek past away and I was unfortunately not in the position to meet him personaly. Derek Hammond who is now manufacturing parts..
. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it,,Read more here ~va62d: Calling all lovebirds: Will you be our valen-wine. In the last years I have brought previous owners in contact with current owners, which brought not known history back to the cars and thier new owners. Two other owners that I particularly thank are Idris Hassan, from Malaysia, for his superb photographs, several make up the colour plates and Dr. I have had a lot of fun with it since and won a few pots etc. The creation of this book came about as the result of wondering just how many Austin Eight s existed, there being no club, no spare part service or book dedicated to the Austin Eight. Sonyardavis Managing director of Google says we are paying $97 per hour. This book contained the Austin Eights found till then. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had. I took over the Austin Eight Register from Ian in 2012, together with his 1939 Austin Eight Tourer, called DOT. ...

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